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Terms & Conditions



1. Operating Hours

1.1.Stor-it has the following operating hours:

Monday – Friday: 7.30am to 4.00pm Saturday – 9.00am to 1.00pm Sunday - Closed

Closed public holidays


2. Prohibited Purposes

2.1.The storage units cannot be used for any purpose other than storing items. The following uses are prohibited at the facility:

2.1.1. Working in or from a unit;

2.1.2. Living or residing in a unit; 2.1.3. Selling or producing goods; and 2.1.4. Any illegal use of any kind.


3. Prohibited Items

3.1.Prohibited items may not be stored at the storage facility. Prohibited items may include but are not limited to:

3.1.1. Animals;

3.1.2. Explosives (fuel of any type; oil, paint, paint thinner etc);

3.1.3. Food;

3.1.4. Drugs or other illicit substances and paraphernalia;

3.1.5. Stolen items or materials; and

3.1.6. Any other item Stor-it management consider inappropriate or hazardous.


4. Site Entry and Access

4.1.Storer’s have the right to access their unit and respective building during operating hours.

4.2.Stor-it can be accessed through the front gate only.

4.3.Smoking and the use of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited at the storage


4.4.Children under the age of 15 are not allowed at the facility.

4.5.People aged between 15-18 years are not allowed inside the buildings.

4.6. The storer agrees by signing the rental agreement that for all pick ups a time must first be provided by the facility owner and the storer agrees that when picking up their stored items or delivering of their stored items, they will have vacated the facility by no later than 2.30pm on a weekday and no later then 12.30pm on a Saturday.


5. Safety

1. Storer’s must act and behave responsibly with full adherence to safety rules and procedures when at the facility.

2. Storer’s must follow any safety directions given by Stor-it management.

3. Storer’s must wear appropriate clothing. Thongs and bare feet are strictly


4. Storer’s must not run in the buildings or stairs, or jump or hang from the stairs or


5. Stor-it does not accept responsibility for any injury or harm caused by a storer’s


6. Fire extinguishers are located in every building. Fire extinguishers can be found

at both ends of the upstairs hallways, on the left-hand side of front entry door

and outside each building.

7. In the event a storer starts a fire or discovers a fire, the storer must immediately

use an extinguisher and notify office staff.

8. The storer agrees by signing the rental agreement for reasons of safety the storer will not bring to the facility a child under the age of twelve. The storer acknowledges the facility owner has the right to ask any person to immediately leave the facility. The storer agree's under no circumstance will they leave a child of any age in their motor vehicle or motor vehicle of others.


6. Behaviour

6.1.Threatening or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated at the storage facility. 6.2.Stor-it may terminate your agreement in the event of threatening or abusive

behaviour toward Stor-it staff whether verbally or written, in person or otherwise. 6.3.In the event of termination for reasons of behaviour, Stor-it will provide 24 hours

notice to remove your goods from the storage facility.


7. Late or Non-Payment

1. Overdue payments of more than three days will incur a late fee.

2. In the event an account is more than 21 days overdue, Stor-it reserves the right

to move a storer’s goods to a nominated storage container.

2.1. Movement to a nominated storage container will incur a moving fee of



8. Termination

1. Stor-it requires at least 7 days notice to terminate your agreement.

2. Termination is acceptable by phone or email.

3. Any outstanding account must be paid in full with clear funds at least 72 hours

prior to pick up date.


9. Removal

1. In the event of termination, storer’s are responsible to remove their goods from the unit. Stor-it offers a moving service for a fee.

2. Any removalist’s or people assisting are required to report to the front office and provide photo identification.

3. Stor-it reserves the right to refuse a storer’s choice of removalist.

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4. Stor-it reserves the right to refuse collection or cancel a removalist until the accounts have been cleared for 72 hours.

5. Office staff will provide a strict three hour window for removal. At the end of this window, any removalist remaining on site will be asked to leave the premises.

6. Failure to empty the unit within 7 days since notice of termination, will attract ongoing storage fees.

7.  The storer agrees by signing the rental agreement that it is at the facility owner's sole discretion, when it is safe to collect a storer's stored items. The facility owner and or his representative will then communicate the designated safe time for a storer to collect their stored items.


10. Liability


2. 3.

As per the Standard Self Storage Agreement, goods are stored at the storer’s own risk.

Storer’s are responsible to lock their own units.

Stor-it does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to goods whilst stored on its premises.


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Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri - 7.30 - 4pm

Sat  - 9 - 1pm

Sun & Public Holidays - Closed   


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Ballarat Self Storage, Self Storage Units, storage units, storage space, secure self storage, self contained storage,
Ballarat Self Storage, Self Storage Units, storage units, storage space, secure self storage, self contained storage,